Monday, June 14, 2010


Ah, Serenade, how gorgeous thy are!  Have you been worth the wait?  I hope so!  I love all the beautiful trees, bird cages, animals, flowers, etc., that you contain.  I cannot wait until I have time to use you.  Haha! 
I know it sounds kinda cheesy, but I have been wanting this cart, since I first saw it around October/November 2009.  When I saw that it was available for pre-order in February, I jumped at the chance!  Little did I know, that the anticipated release date of mid-April would be pushed back until JUNE!!!  Today (now that I have 50 report cards to finish, two slideshows & 50 dvd's to burn, a classroom to pack up, get the picture!), it FINALLY arrived!  Do I have time to play now?  NO WAY!  Just wait, Serenade....In 3 more days, your cart is mine!  Until then, Hoppy Crafting!


  1. Shall I assume this is a Cricut thingy?

  2. Awesome cartridge...get after it girl! lol