Friday, June 25, 2010

Christmas...In June-uary?

With all of this outstanding June weather we've been having, I'd like to rename this month June-uary.  True, for the last couple of days, it has actually been starting to feel like summer, but how long will it last? 
Well, for as fast as June has flown by, I just hope that July drags by a bit.  I like to do some Christmas in July crafting with my peeps.  I usually have around 40 Xmas cards to make (give or take a few), and if I don't do them during the summer break, then they most likely won't get done.  When you're a teacher, October, November, and December just FLY by because they are SO BUSY!!!  
So, the tradition of trying to make as many Christmas cards in July, as possible, has me wondering how many of you out there do the same?  I'd love to hear from you and seem some of your creations as well! 

This card was made with a blue card base, which I stamped with a snowflake background in dark blue.  Then I found a piece of vellum from a Christmas set I had in my stash, that read "let it snow", and affixed it to the card with four snowflake brads.  Vellum is one of those tricky-adhesive pieces to work with (since you don't want to SEE the adhesive!), so using the brads was how I solved the visible adhesive issue.  ~Hoppy Crafting & hope to hear (and see) your ideas soon!  :o)

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