Sunday, April 17, 2011

Princess Birthday Cake

I made this princess birthday cake for Miss Mackinzie, at the request of her grandmother.  The cake is an 11x15 sheet cake.  I frosted the entire cake in blue, then used a toothpick to free-hand the castle design.  Once I was satisfied with the look, I used dark pink to outline the castle, then light pink and purple to fill in the castle.  When I was finished, I added some flowers climbing up the castle and around the archway, as well as adding some clouds and the traditional "Happy Birthday" phrasing.  I also added Mackinzie's name over the drawbridge.  ~Hoppy Crafting! 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Crafting Withdrawal

I had spring break planned perfectly!  I would work on a few minor projects for the first couple of days, clean my craft cave, and then craft away for at least a day...or two (okay, maybe just evenings, but it was wishful thinking!).  What was NOT in my plans, was an entire bathroom renovation!  What started as a small toilet leak, led to pulling everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, out of the bathroom and redoing the entire room. 
Well, after multiple trips to the home improvement store, local hardware store, etc., etc., the bathroom is done and presentable.  I LOVE the new flooring, vanity, paint, moulding, and even the towel and toilet paper holders.  While the project took away any hope of crafting I had budgeted during my vacation, this new bathroom is a project that we've been talking about doing for a few just took a leaky toilet to MAKE us do it!
 For anyone wanting me to come help them redo their bathroom now, please hire someone.   I love designing, but I swear my husband and I hated each other at times during this project. :o)  Though, I must admit, we worked way better together on THIS bathroom than the other one we redid two years ago...there is hope! We use the new "Allure" flooring, which is kind of like a floating floor, much like Pergo, but specifically made for bathrooms (25 yr warranty).  I love how it looks, and in a larger room, I know it would be MUCH easier to install.  It says it's easy to cut, but it proved a bit challenging to have exact matching grout lines.  We were going to use DuraCeramic Congoleum, but there was none available without ordering online.  We loved working with that product last time, and it holds up phenomenally!
 I promise I will get back to adding more of my projects here, soon!  I've been doing more "crafting on demand" for people who NEED a  card ASAP, than having time to enjoy and create posts.  I need to change that for my own sanity-sake!  ~Hoppy Crafting!