Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cricut Circle???

Well, just as I had surmised, the Cricut Circle is an exclusive club where you should receive certain benefits, info, etc., just for being a member.  Did I ever dream that PC would be on crack when they set a price of $275/year????  NO!!!  As far as I'm concerned, PC is getting WAAAAYYY too greedy.  They can take their circle and all the people dumb enough to pay for the "exclusive" club, and just bite me.  I don't need need an invitation to a club that excludes the majority of the people that actually have built up the company by purchasing their products.  I did find an invite in my e-mail, but seriously just laughed at it.  Does PC think we're made of $$$?  I am a Cricut addict, I'll admit it, but I'm not SO sick, that I need to be part of a club. They really don't know me as a consumer either, I'm a deal predator.  I will never pay $90 for a cart.  I will only pay $15-$35, at the most, for ANY cart.  I could buy 13+ carts, just for the price of this club membership.   Maybe I'll even try Make the Cut or Sure Cuts Alot.  All I know, is that this club has ticked off ALOT of loyal Cricuteers...and I believe PC will have tons of damage control to do because of this move. 
So for $275/year (single pay option) or around $320/year (quarterly pay option), you get: 4 exclusive carts per year (1 per quarter); advanced buying options; reward points; special invitations to exclusive chats; online magazine (Seriously??? No hard copy for that kind of dough???); special coupons/rebates; research panel access; and my personal exclusive Cricut charm bracelet.  Good going, PC, I'll totally join for a bracelet.  Totally.  
For now, PC, I'll "surround myself" with a "Cricut Circle" of people who I don't have to buy friendship and acceptance from.  I am too cool for your club, and have too much self-esteem to lower myself to monetary acceptance. 

Shouldn't that read: "Enter the dark side now" ????


  1. Whew! I have no idea what you are talking about but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't join a group for that kind of money! Especially when you can borrow from like minded friends!

  2. I just LOVE your speech about the circle club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldnt have said it better if I had tried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My "SENTIMENTS" (no pun intended) exactly!!!! Somebody posted a card made from one of their "SPECIAL CARTS)& i -emailed her back & said I really didnt think that was the best thing to do when most people dont have those carts!!! She said we could get ideas from it!!!! LOL<LOL<LOL

  3. Granted I know this post is outdated but I couldnt agree with you more. I just came across your blog. LOVE IT! I too love frogs. I have a couple at my craft station. But anways, that is way too much $$$ to spend on Cricut Circle. Times are tough, and scrapping helps keep our spirits up. Great blog post!