Thursday, July 8, 2010

Scrap Organization

Okay peeps, I have been working on my craft space and doing some "summer-time cleaning".  I am fortunate enough to have taken over an entire bedroom...though I have been tempted to knock the wall out to the adjoining room and have a scrap palace.  Haha!  My husband does not really share my desire in this.... 
My reorganization actually started in January, but, being a teacher and having such little time during the school year to devote to home projects, I have worked on it a little at a time.  I am beginning to enjoy my room again, and get alot of things where they will be functional.  One mess that I have been avoiding, is the paper scrap pile.  I tried drawers in a rolling cart once, but that takes up SO much space.  I finally broke down and got a box of file jackets.  They are like pockets for files, so nothing falls out the sides. (In retrospect, it would have been nice to have the "legal size" jackets, but I really don't have a spot to store that size.)
I started by labeling each jacket with a color, then using a marker to add a corresponding dot of color to each.  I put them in alphabetical order, and also added files for vellum, mulberry paper, cards, cut shapes, letters, metallic papers, patterns, and homemade paper.  Then came the FUN...sorting all the scraps! 
When I think of 'organization', it depends on my mood, but it can either be a four-letter word, or the highlight of my day.  Today, I really felt like I got something accomplished and my scrap room will be better for it.  What did I discover from sorting all my scraps by color?  I found a LOT of 'scraps,' that in reality, I will never use again...and purged them!  I tend to save, save, save...just in case.  It was good for me to see how many piece I had saved, are really worthless.  Take stock of your scraps too...if you're at all like me, you'll see what I mean.  ~Hoppy Scapping!  

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