Monday, July 19, 2010


With the Scrapbook Expo hangover fading, I have turned my attention to the next big scrapbooking/crafting event coming to our area.  The CKC (Creating Keepsake's Convention) will be coming to Bellevue at Meydenbauer Center, November 12th & 13th!  Registration is opening in about two short weeks, on August 4th!  My goal, this time around, is to take some classes, as well as hit the show floor!  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am self-taught in crafting.  I have never relied on others to teach me.  I seek information and devour it, then practice, practice, practice.  Taking classes and going to crops have never been my style.  Maybe that will change?  :o) 
In quickly surveying the CKC info, there are almost DOUBLE the amount of vendors that were at the Scrapbook Expo!!!  EEKK!!! Good thing I know now and can start to budget for it!  :o)  A double bonus for that work already has that Friday as a "no school" day!  Yay!  No need to use one of my coveted personal days! 
If you want more information on CKC 2010 for our area (or any area), here's the website I found info on:  I went to 'Events', then 'CK Conventions' in the drop down menu to find the city closest to me.  I'd love to hear if anyone is planning on attending!  There is already a  link set up for CKC-Seattle 2010, from CK Scrapbook Convention's Facebook page.  Check it out here:   As always, ~Hoppy Crafting!!!

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