Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ribbon, Ribbon, and More Ribbon!!!

Ribbon.  How can one word create so much anxiety?  When it's out of control, that's how!  I love ribbon (along with most anything else craft, of course!), but my stash has grown somewhat scary!  I have the traditional grosgrains, satins, ric-rac, sheers, wide, narrow, etc....you name it, I probably have something that could accommodate a crafting need!  Up to this point, I have stored ribbon on dowel rods, curtain rods, stacked, and in clear drawers.  I have been debating on the "best" system to implement for my style, and have found something that I think will be the "it" item to help with the ribbon chaos!  What is it?  It's the Ribbon Organizer and Dispenser from Best Craft Organizer (http://www.bestcraftorganizer.com/). 
I found these lovely storage dispensers at the recent Scrapbook Expo I attended.  Of course, before the expo, I had done a little homework by visiting their website, and by the time I reached the expo, I was 95% sure that I was going to purchase some! 
After much winding and rearranging (and it's still not perfect!), I have been able to... (hold onto your seats!)  ...fit 90 SPOOLS of RIBBON in two trays with 12 dispensers!!! Isn't that amazing???  These trays measure about 10" by 6", so really, for the amount of space all those spools took up, prior to winding, this is A-MA-ZING!!!  I am SO incredibly happy with this purchase!  The best part?  All the dispensers are see-through, so I know where each color and type of ribbon are, in a glance! 
How much did it all cost?  The "starter kit", which includes 2 trays and the spooler (11 storage dispensers, total), cost me $25 at the expo.  I also bought two additional trays of dispensers (12), for $20, since I knew that I had ALOT of ribbon, and because I was also skeptical when they told me that the starter kit would hold at least 60 spools of ribbon (it really does, and then some if your ribbon is skinny).  I have filled the first two trays, and am working on the third, so I'm glad my estimation is proving accurate!  If you have any questions, check out their website (above), or feel free to comment!  ~Hoppy Crafting!

<----The ribbon dispenser & spooler, with and extra spooler disc at the bottom. 

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