Monday, July 12, 2010


Fellow scrappers/crafters, you will understand... hopefully.  :o)  The past few days, I have been reorganizing my craft room, as well as getting supper excited that the Scrapbook Expo is coming here this Friday and Saturday.  Well, I guess the hours in my craft lair, paired with the endless sorting of paper, and the excitement of the impending expo have snuck into my dreams.  Early this morning, I was having the most wonderful dream!  I was having dinner with Tim Holtz, his crew, and several other AWESOME scrapbook gurus!  This dream came to a sudden halt, when a weenie dog paw landed on my neck, then almost in my mouth!  Grr! The dogs wanted out.  Darn them!  Didn't they know what an awesome dream I was having?  Apparently they, too, are getting jealous at all the time I'm spending organizing and working in "Cindy's Craft Cave".  :o) 
I happened to Facebook a quick snippet of this interaction today, and my brother asked me if I have ever heard of a show called "Intervention"....hmmm....Non-crafters just don't "get it".  Crafting, admittedly, IS like an addiction.  I LOVE new paper, embellishments, inks, CRICUT, Sizzix, Cuttlebug, eyelets, brads, etc.  It is seriously a 'high' when a new line comes out and my creative brain takes over.  Tsk, tsk!  Well, here's my new "intervention"...a humorous ode to my brother's suggestion: 

10 Steps to a Cricut Intervention:
1. Admit to being powerless under the influence of the Cricut (and/or Gypsy, or any other Provo-Craft product, for that matter).
2. Tell loved ones the TRUTH about how many Cricut cartridges you really own.
3. Apologize to the UPS drivers and various store employees for being a deal predator and stalking them.
4. Throw away "will work for Cricut cartridges" sign.
5. Return cartridges ripped from the grasp of fellow scrapbookers.
6. Let others play with your cartridges.
7. Get a life, not a new cartridge.
8. Resolve to restrict scrapbook store visitations to under 20 minutes, preferably less.
9. Remove bookmarked sites of all Cricut and scrap-related products, from computer, Facebook, etc.
10. ...Screw it!  Once a Cricut addict, always a Cricut addict! 

~Hoppy Scrapping! :o)

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