Thursday, July 1, 2010

Desk Organizers

Hi, fellow bloggers!  Tonight's project is...NOT...PINK!!! (LOL!)  I bought these two sets of wooden desk organizers at a local craft store, with the intention of finishing them while visiting my mom.  We each picked our colors and paper to cover each container with.  My "dot" paper is from My Mind's Eye, and the leafy print my mother used, is from a stack (not certain which one). 
The first thing we did, was paint each piece with at least two coats of acryllic paint.  We used brown, lime green, and a bright ocean blue.  While the paint dried, I made templates, from scratch paper, to see how big each paper should be cut, that I was leaving enough border, etc.  When I was certain the measurements would work, I took one piece of 12x12 paper, and methodically cut each piece, so as not to waste paper. 
Each finished project has paper on all four sides of each of the four holders, and only took ONE piece of 12x12 paper (w/some left over).  We used clear Martha Stewart permanent glue to adhere the paper.  Once that was dry, we applied two coats of Mod Podge to all piece of the project, allowing drying time between each coat.  The finished products are two cute/trendy desk organizers, that suit our personal tastes.  The mother-daughter time was a total bonus, too!  :o)  We could totally bling them out more....maybe that's to come, but for now, we both love how they look, just the way they are.   ~Hoppy Crafting!


  1. Really really it! I saw an organizer that was on a spinner at Tuesday morning...for 9.99...after seeing your video I could kick myself because I did not buy it!

  2. Glad you guys like them! They really were pretty easy (just time consuming). But, totally worth it! :o)