Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Paint + Fish + Kinders= FUN!

Today I'm sharing a craft project that my kinder kiddos did (with the help of some awesome adults!)!  In preparation for our upcoming field trip to the beach, each child got to make their very own fish-print t-shirt.  I'm not talking run of the mill plastic fish, veggie shaped fish, or even cookie cutter/sponge fish....I'm talking about previously swimming Tilapia, sacrificed to a paint marinade. :o)  
This morning, I prepared the test subjects, umm....I mean the "stamps" (he he!), by taking out of the freezer and making sure each was as dry as possible.  Once my first parent helper arrived, we got the acrylic paint out on plates, the table moved outdoors, and some water to clean the fish between paintings. We had already prepared t-shirts, by placing a layer of paper inside each (to prevent the image from leaking through to the back).  We called kiddos out two or three at a time and each chose their very own design.  Some kiddos made dots or stripes. Others made solid colored fish with highlighted fins.  Yet others made fish with red "lipstick" on their mouths.  Each child had their own idea of the perfect "rainbow fish".  I loved their designs and they totally enjoyed this project! 
The awesome adults helping today made things run smoothly, and I'm happy to say that we got all of the kids done (almost 50!) between the two classes. Thank you to everyone that helped us!  We will sure enjoy wearing these on our day to the beach! 

Here are some easy steps to do this project:
*Take a frozen fish & dry all moisture possible
*paint with your favorite acrylic paint colors
*Turn over and press (and roll, & shimmy) the fish on the front of a t-shirt w/paper in between layers
*Rinse fish in water, dry, & repeat
****HEAT SET shirts inside-out in dryer for 15-20 minutes****VERY IMPORTANT to preserve image!
*Wash fishy t-shirts
*Wear and ENJOY! 

My AWESOME Fish Paint Crews! THANK YOU!!! :o)


  1. I better see a picture of your fishy shirt on you at the beach! Very cool! My boys have loved doing this for their beach themed parties in preschool! My middle one still wears his!

  2. Looks like so much fun! I wish I did that in school! We just used boring potatoes!!