Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Diaper Cake

This week's theme seems to be babies. I've been asked to make baby cards for an upcoming shower, as well as for a few other showers throughout the summer. There have already been two coworkers who have had babies this year, and now there's a third expecting in the fall. Since her due date is right at the end of summer/beginning of the school year, she won't be returning in the fall for us to throw her a baby shower, so we're having one on Wednesday.

I went to Target on Sunday, fully intending on making life simple and buying her a cute gift card (since I've been too busy as it is), then making a custom baby card, but....I made the mistake of walking down the baby aisle. Twenty minutes later, I emerged, carrying a box of diapers, some baby toys (teething ring, rattle, safety bath duck, etc), and ribbon. Needless to say, my dear husband, who had been waiting (sleeping) in the car, was not amused at the box of nappies (nor the amount of time for the "quick" trip I had promised). LOL!

Last night I hit the project with full force, and have got to say that it doesn't look half bad for around two hours of work. I still have some "finishing touches" to add (the Cricut is my friend, he he he), but it is mostly ready for the reveal tomorrow.

*84 Pampers Swaddlers
*3 Pink 12x12 sheets of cardstock, cut in 3" strips
*Martha Stewart lace border punch (to punch both sides of all strips)
*1 spool/4 yards of baby-themed 1 1/2" wide ribbon
*Plain white ribbon/yarn, etc to tie tiers together (will be hidden by decorations)
*1 Clear plastic plate 14-16" in diameter ($ Store was great for that!)
*Micellaneous baby themed decorations (rattles, baby blocks, booties, etc)
*Floral wood pick w/wire to create top ribbon
*Micellaneous baby toys (teething rings, rattles, etc) to add functionality to gift
*1-15" dowel rod-inserted through middle to give stabilization of cake
*Tape, Glue Dots, Roller Adhesive

Still missing:
*"It's A Girl" sign from Beyond Birthdays
*Baby tags from Gypsy Wanderings
*Plaques from Storybook
*"Congratulations" from Wildcard


  1. Looks wonderful. I really like the ribbon you used: perfect choice. The ribbon makes the whole decor look like frosting. So pretty!!!!

  2. That is gorgoues Diaper cakes are so fun to make. You and excellent job.