Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cakes, continued....

While we're on the subject of cakes, check out this birthday cake I made for a friend's son's birthday. He was having a detective-themed party and wanted the characters from the Spy vs. Spy comic. I had absolutely NO CLUE who these characters were, but my friend gave me a picture to follow. I think the 9x13 turned out well. The boy LOVED his cake, and his friends were amazed as well. Sometimes a little cake is all it takes to impress 10 year-olds. :o)

Just like 10 year-olds, I have learned that grown men are easily impressed, as well. The other cake is a Ms. Pac-Man cake that I did for a friend's husband. It was a quick job, and yes, I know it's not perfect. I was looking at a picture message on my cell phone to figure out where all the lines of the game went. To add to the pressure, my friend brought it over and watched over my shoulder every decorating move I made (she was supposed to be at Bible study, but it was she snuck over w/the cake to surprise him that night). Gotta love pressure! Just thought I'd share these two recent creations of cakes. Happy crafting!


  1. your spy vs spy cake looks awesome!! would you possible share any hints on how you made it?

  2. Thanks! For the Spy vs. Spy cake, my friend lent me a picture, and I mostly free-handed, with a toothpick, the basic outline of each character and item to be included. I then used frosting to draw an outline with dark frosting, then filled in the rest. You could also draw onto wax paper and poke holes in an iced cake to essentially make a dot-to-dot. My mother always used an image machine to project the pictures onto her cakes, but I don't have those tools. :o) If you have specific questions, I could totally help you out more! Thanks for asking!