Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby Shower

Today was my friend/ co-worker's baby shower. I was super excited to see her reaction to the diaper cake I made for her! We had the shower in the staff room after school, and even early this morning, people were putting their gifts on a special table for her. I took the diaper cake down early as well. Every time I popped into the staff room today to check my mailbox, run a note to the office, etc., I kept hearing people comment on the "cake" and wondering if it was a "Cindy" creation. When my friend saw it, she said it was too pretty to might just need to become a permanant fixture in the baby's room. (Yeah, until that frightful 2am realization that she's out of diapers, then that puppy's toast!) :0)

Ladies and gentlemen, I swear I can "Cricut-cute" ANYTHING! If I can make diapers look like an edible cake (seriously, a co-worker thought it was a real cake!), then I'm sure other items wouldn't be too difficult. After sending a friend a picture of the finished cake last night, she replied, "Is there anything you can't do? Any craft you've never done?". I know there are many things I haven't tried, but I have been a life-long crafter and tried MANY projects. I think what makes me different from some people, is my fearless nature of tackling a new and exciting creation. Do I always know the exact steps to pursue? That's a resounding NO! I enjoy figuring things out as I go, and if I don't know how to do something, I find the answers and teach myself. Sometimes you just have to dive in and take chances. Live life with glitter, eyelets, flowers, die cuts, ink, and bling!

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  1. Glad that she liked the diaper cake! And you are right, it might stay together until that fateful diaper change when they realize they don't have any diapers, even in the diaper bag...then that puppy is GONE!