Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sneak Peek

Ignore the white and the pinkish/lilac paints.....focus on the beautiful Surfer blue.  This is the NEW COLOR of my NEW CRAFT CAVE!!!  While my awesome mom was visiting, we totally took over a different bedroom in the house, and converted it to my new scrap room.  This was one of the last rooms that my husband and I had never painted since purchasing our home a few years ago.  This room was a young teen's room, and, just like about every other room in our house, had a wonderfully hideous paper border across the middle of the walls.  First went the creepy cherubs from the bathroom, then the Victorian inspired mess in the living/dining rooms, etc.  I had removed the "lovely" purple/pink/green floral border from this bedroom soon after we moved in, but never got to painting it.  It has been our "junk" room.  (Those of you without kids or an extra space in your homes know what I'm talking about.)  Well, this junk room is now a gorgeous dream-esque scrap space.  The only thing that could make it better is by making it larger (say 3x the current size?)! LOL! 
***Also, please ignore our BEAUTIFUL attire while painting/moving things.  I raided my husband's old ratty shirts he uses for "dirty" work.  He he he!   ~Hoppy Crafting! 


  1. Thanks, Deb! I have some lime green accents for the room as well. I luv me some green!!! :oP

  2. Whew! Looks like you guys worked long and hard! I love the blue!