Monday, August 30, 2010

2 AM (a.k.a.- Sewing Velcro on Pocket Charts Project)

What were YOU doing at 2 AM?  Were you sleeping like every non-night owl?  I was cutting things for my classroom and working on my pocket charts.  I must be feeling the crunch of the impending school year...I broke out the sewing machine. 
Every year, there's something that changes in my classroom.  Be it the layout, distribution of classroom supplies, etc., something inevitably changes.  Last year, it was curtains.  This year, I've decided to use some of my pocket charts in different places, which requires me to get creative.  I have a giant file drawer system that I salvaged from "surplus" a few years ago.  The back of it this year is facing my reading group table, so I wanted to hang pocket charts on it for each of my leveled reading groups. 
I bought some industrial 2" wide Velcro, and adhered it to the top of each chart.  Then, for extra durability, I found coordinating threads, and zig-zag stitched each on.  Now, I really DON'T recommend this, UNLESS you get the Velcro that isn't AS SUPER STICKY as the stuff I got (but there really wasn't a good selection...beggars can't be choosy, right?).  I FINALLY made it through all three pocket charts, but that was after numerous stops and de-gunking sessions.  The adhesive in the Velcro I used really gummed up the needles.  Ugh. Live and learn. 
Well, I'm headed off to school to test out the sturdiness of these newly improved pocket charts!  ~Hoppy Crafting!

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