Monday, August 16, 2010


I'm going to keep my post as short as possible.  No, I haven't been sitting around, taking in the sun, and popping bon bons like this frog appears to be,  I have been working like crazy (with the help of my visiting mom), to do a complete transformation of my scrap room (a.k.a. the Craft Cave).  It has take three days of blood (literally), sweat, and tears, plus alot of muscle, to not only empty out a completely different room in my house & paint it, but to also reset it as my new scrap space.  I LOVE the new color (you'll see it soon...hehehe)!  I will miss my old space, BUT the new room was just a little bigger....and if you're like me, space is a huge bonus! 
I want to share a link to my friend, Brenda's blog ( ).   Brenda came over right as the transformation was beginning, and had a quick project she wanted some help with.  This was the first time she had ever seen my space....and you just HAVE to read  what she wrote!  I think it's SO nice, and yes, I'm also embarrassed (people don't usually gush over me!)!  I know I'm fortunate to have a craft room, but am always willing to share some time and space with a friend. 
Hang in there fellow bloggers, as soon as I can unbury my Cricut, I will be back to posting daily.  This has been a HUGE undertaking (not to mention the 90+ degree heatwave), and I will say that my mom and I have both been exhausted every night (haha!  I wish!   Usually around 2 or 3 AM), when we head to bed.  In the meantime, I will also post some really cool cards I got to make Saturday at a Stampin' Up class/party, that my friend Terri hosted!  :o)  ~Hoppy Crafting! 

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