Friday, October 14, 2011


I know it has been quite some time since I have posted.  It's sometimes a fact of life, that things can just get away from you and you become so incredibly busy, that there is no time left to enjoy or share the projects that are keeping you sane!
I hope to get back to posting more regularly!  My husband had surgery, school started again, and my husband FINALLY returned to work just a couple of weeks ago (after being out since April!).  My school has been SUPER crazy this year!  I'm a kindergarten teacher, and I not only had to move classrooms over the summer, but started a new schedule, AND we've been overloaded with TWENTY-SEVEN 5-year-olds in each class for over a month (that's 54 kids I have!!!)!  We just finally hired a new section of kinder, and most of our kids have moved over to get our class sizes down to acceptable levels.  I would say it's smooth sailing for a while, but with tons of assessments left to finish (I still have 45 kiddos), and conferences a week away, I fear that, sans tonight, I will have little time for blogging.  The pic kinda shows how all the kinder teachers have been feeling at my school with these incredibly high numbers!  I know "hammered" gives a different connotation, but we've been through a brutal battle of 5-year-old midget alligator invasion! BTW-Midget Alligators are my affectionate name for my kinders.
~Hoppy crafting!

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