Monday, March 14, 2011


Here's a fun gag gift, that I made so my husband could give one of his friends for his 30th birthday.  I cut black and pink vinyl (black to shadow the top phrase) in two banners.  The top banner says "World's Greatest", and the bottom banner says "Spooner", which I welded into the banner.  I used pink pearls along the brim of the trophy, and added diamond bling to the base.  I also used the I*Rock to attach a couple of large diamonds to the brads holding the flowers in.  I finished it off by using a pink and black polka-dotted grosgrain ribbon around the middle.
Yes, there is a story behind this crazy trophy....My husband and Sean (my friend Brenda's husband), were just getting to know each other, and decided to go out charter fishing.  Well, the two of them were SO EXCITED, that neither could sleep.  So, what do you do when you can't sleep and you have to check in at the charter dock by like 5am????  Hit the casino, of course!  These two crazy guys left our house around 8pm, gambled for a few hours near their destination, and then "spooned" (a.k.a. shared a blanket) in the vehicle and caught a quick nap before it was time to head to sea.  Every since then, the guys have joked about "spooning" and tell each other that they're the "best spooner". 
When my husband and I were brainstorming for Sean's birthday, we happened upon this trophy in the Target dollar bins.....and the rest is history!  Of course we got him a "real" gift, too, but this is hopefully one to laugh about for quite some time to come! 
~Hoppy Crafting!

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