Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Well, I know the total buzz on all the boards for the past few days has been about the newest addition to the Cricut family of products: the Cricut Imagine.  For the last 24 hours, HSN (Home Shopping Network) ran jam-packed craft segments.  There was Tim Holtz, Cricut Jinger, K & Company, 3 Birds, and so many more! 
Unfortunately, I, like most people I know, worked today away (which probably helped protect the wallet!), so I surely missed many fantastic items for sale.  The one thing I made sure to watch whenever I could catch the segments, was the new Cricut Imagine. 
I really am excited about this new machine.  Do I NEED this machine? No, but would love to own one!  I've admittedly gone "Cricut crazy" the last few years, and am an avid collector of all the cartridges.  With over 100 carts, to date, I know you must wonder if there are any unused ones in my collection.  There actually are a couple: Basketball and Robotz have as of yet to be cut from.  But, I digress.
The HSN bundle looked cool, and I'll admit that I learned a couple of things that really spiked the temptation meter.  I didn't realize that there would now be printable vinyl and that you could also print the images on transparencies and photo paper.  The idea of creating professional looking vinyl with printing on it, gives me a million ideas.  Also, the ability to take Cricut images, customize them, and then also print on fabric transfer is super cool! 
Tonight (towards the end of the showings), I finally got my husband to watch a few minutes of the Imagine.  I said: "Imagine...your wife with the ultimate Cricut..."  That was a no go.  "Imagine...your wife creating professional-looking products".  Another no go, he says I already do that and don't need a new machine.  Of course he steered the conversation to items he desires, then left the room mumbling "crack for crafters" under his breath. 
Now, I'm a deal predator....but, do you think I cracked and was one of the 10,000 people ordering the Cricut Imagine today on HSN?  I guess only time will tell...

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  1. Ummm...my guess is yes you were of the 10,000 who ordered a Cricut Imagine!!!