Thursday, June 28, 2012


Whew!  The school year is done, and I just finished wrapping up my classroom for its hiatus.  I even got in a few extra days to recycle and sort/rearrange files.  If you're a teacher or are close to someone who is, you understand the amount of work that goes into maintaining and constantly revamping everything you use!  I was so grateful for these few extra days (before the district locks us out! GASP!!!), and put every minute to great use!  I was also very thankful that I didn't have to move classrooms, AGAIN.
I'm at the point, where I have quite a few things prepped for fall, and have all my packing up finished.  With that being said, today, I gave up what little was left of my control, and TURNED IN MY KEYS for the SUMMER!  I'm sure I'll have forgotten something, or think of some absolutely AMAZING idea during the summer, and wish I could run right in and copy, create, laminate, and cut, BUT...I'll be forced to wait until I can reclaim my keys in August.  I really abhor the fact that we get locked out, BUT, I know I will live.  I know the next month will fly by, and it will be time to prep more for 50 kinders, again.  Now, the weather just needs to cooperate so that we all BELIEVE it's summer and not January!  Mother Nature needs some bipolar meds here in the Seattle-Tacoma area!
Now I can concentrate on the many needs and goals I have for the summer!  We already crushed one this past weekend by staging a rather successful yard sale!  (Epic, I know, considering school just ended!  What was I thinking???)  Even though the weather absolutely didn't cooperate (it poured!), we had room in our garage, and got rid of a ton of our treasures!  Next on the list?  Well, the list is SOOOO long, I think I'll tackle a ton of the small things to make myself feel better (like doing the touchups of paint for walls that have gotten scratched/scuffed, and making raspberry jam.).  I've already started cutting, scoring, and folding a TON of new cards, and have ideas dancing around my head like disco inferno!  I'm itching to create!  I also need to update this blog...sorry!  My CrAzY school year was just. too. much.  I have a great deal of awesome creations to blog!  I just need to fix my computer and download some pics, and I'll have a blogfest!  :o)  Stick with me, crafty friends.  I know I've been MIA for a while, but now it's summer!  Summer is....the time when teachers can feel human again.  :o)
~Hoppy Crafting!

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