Sunday, July 31, 2011

Christmas in July

A few weeks ago, at the Scrapbook Expo, I visited The Scrap Yard Chicks (, and found a Christmas Advent Calendar Kit.  I'm normally not much of a kit person, but over the past couple of years, I have bought several kits from these gals.  They are awesome!  They usually come with all of the pieces needed to create your project (minus glue, ink, other basic tools, etc.), and very detailed instructions with color photos.  During the previous years' expo, they were selling an advent calendar, and I kicked myself for not getting to their booth sooner (because I was sold out!), so the Chicks were one of the first booths I visited to get the best selection. 
Well, I finally got some time (and motivation) to start working on the calendar.  The calendar was actually very easy, just time consuming with all of the little pieces (which I enjoy).  I started by sorting all the pieces into each quadrant of the cookie sheet for each day, just to make sure I had everything, then started with the ones I thought looked the easiest. :o)  Yes, there are fabulous instructions, but I totally winged it with most of them and just glanced at what they should look like. 
Now, I'm done with all 25 days of Christmas.  All the glittering is finished.  The dimensional glaze for the snow globe is dry.  All magnets are on.  I just need to finish adhering the title, and I'm home free.  Pretty cool, eh?   ~Hoppy Crafting! 

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