Sunday, January 9, 2011

Groovy Vinyl

Before Christmas, my friend, Lisa, approached me with a vinyl project.  She asked if I had anything in my Cricut arsenal to create a "groovy" room design.  She was thinking flowers, wording, peace signs, etc.   She wanted these designed and cut for her niece, Maddy, as a Christmas present. 
I consulted my Gypsy and Lisa and I also looked at some letter shapes online to get a feel for the font type desired.  After consulting with her sister, it was decided that Lyrical Letters "Loop dee Loo" was THE font!  We found some asterisk-type flowers on Teardrop, and the peace sign on the Cars cart.  I can't remember which cart the other flowers are from.  I laid it all out on my Gypsy, then cut it out on pink and brown vinyl. 
I was SO excited when I got a thank you card with a picture of the whole thing put up on Maddy's wall!!!  It looks awesome, and I hear that Maddy loves it!!!   (Sorry about the pic of a pic, I know it's harder to see).  ~Hoppy Crafting!!!

Layer 1-Brown vinyl 12x24 sheet

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