Thursday, December 29, 2011


NYE 2010 @ Friend's house
So, I'm not one to make a lot of resolutions.  I set goals throughout the year, and once something is accomplished, I make another.  I don't think it's practical to make resolutions for the next 12 months of your life to share with the world on one crazy (often alcohol-induced) night.  BUT, I found these 10 resolutions posted on the Scrapbook Expo's Facebook page, and had to share!  These resolutions totally feed into everyone's scrapbook addition.  Enjoy! 
Top 10 New Year's Resolutions

1. Spend more time with the family  and friends- more pictures to scrapbook!
2. Get more exercise - Deep knee bends while picking up dropped brads and buttons from the scrap room floor!
3. Give up drinking, at least for the first week of January - Spills and scrapbooks don’t mix!
4. Get out of debt- so you can buy more scrapbook supplies!
5. Learn a new skill or take up a new hobby - scrapbooking DUH!
6. Put something back into the community - help others learn to scrapbook!
7. Get organized - clean scrapbook room you’ll find a lot of hidden treasures there!
8. Become more security conscious - lock those permanent ink pads in a special place. Permanent ink and kids uh-oh!
9. Start  (or religiously maintain) a journal or blog - Best place to showcase your beautiful work!
10. Give up a bad habit - replace with scrapbooking!
~Hoppy Crafting!

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